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A Practical Guide to Linux(R) Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

Author: Mark G. Sobell
Rating: 4/5

Buy Now: Amazon


The Most Useful Linux Tutorial and Reference Ever, with Hundreds of High-Quality Examples Covering Every Linux Distribution! To be truly productive with Linux, you need to thoroughly master the shells and the command line. Until now, you had to buy two books to gain that mastery: a tutorial on fundamental Linux concepts and techniques, plus a separate reference. Worse, most Linux references offer little more than prettied-up man pages.

Now, there's a far better solution. Renowned Linux expert Mark Sobell has brought together comprehensive, insightful guidance on the tools system administrators, developers, and power users need most, and an outstanding day-to-day reference, both in the same book.

This book is 100 percent distribution and release agnostic: You can use it on any Linux system, now and for years to come. What's more, it's packed with hundreds of high-quality examples: better examples than you'll find in any other Linux guidebook.

This is Linux from the ground up: the clearest explanations and most useful knowledge about everything from filesystems to shells, editors to utilities, and programming tools to regular expressions. And when you need instant answers, you'll constantly turn to Sobell's comprehensive command reference section--organized and tabbed for easy, fast access! Don't settle for yesterday's Linux guidebook. Get the one book that meets today's challenges--and tomorrow's!

A Practical Guide to Linux(R) Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming is the most useful, most comprehensive Linux tutorial and reference you can find. It's the only book to deliver
*Better, more realistic examples covering tasks you'll actually need to perform
*Deeper insight, based on Sobell's immense knowledge of every Linux nook and cranny
*More practical explanations of more than eighty core utilities, from aspell to xargs
*Techniques for implementing secure communications using ssh and scp--plus dozens of tips for making your system more secure
*A superior introduction to the Linux programming environment, including make, gcc, gdb, CVS, and much more
*Expert guidance on basic and advanced shell programming using bash and tcsh
*Tips and tricks for customizing the shell and using it interactively from the command line
*Thorough guides to vim and emacs, designed to help you get productive fast and maximize your editing efficiency
*Dozens of exercises to help you practice and gain confidence
*Instructions for using Apt, yum, and BitTorrent for keeping your system up to date automatically
*And much more, including coverage of gawk, sed, find, sort, bzip2, and regular expressions


Praise for the First Edition of A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming "First Sobell taught people how to use Linux!now he teaches you the power of Linux. A must-have book for anyone who wants to take Linux to the next level." --Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director, Linux International

"This book is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to 'look under the hood' so to speak, and really start putting the power of Linux to work. What I find particularly frustrating about man pages is that they never include examples. Sobell, on the other hand, outlines very clearly what the command does and then gives several common, easy-tounderstand examples that make it a breeze to start shell programming on one's own. As with Sobell's other works, this is simple, straight-forward, and easy to read. It's a great book and will stay on the shelf at easy arm's reach for a long time." --Ray Bartlett, Travel Writer

"Overall I found this book to be quite excellent, and it has earned a spot on the very front of my bookshelf. It covers the real 'guts' of Linux--the command line and its utilities--and does so very well. Its strongest points are the outstanding use of examples, and the Command Reference section. Highly recommended for Linux users of all skill levels. Well done to Mark Sobell and Prentice Hall for this outstanding book!" --Dan Clough, Electronics Engineer and Slackware Linux user

"Totally unlike most Linux books, this book avoids discussing everything via GUI and jumps right into making the power of the command line your friend." --Bjorn Tipling, Software Engineer,

"This book is the best distro-agnostic, foundational Linux reference I've ever seen, out of dozens of Linux-related books I've read. Finding this book was a real stroke of luck. If you want to really understand how to get things done at the command line, where the power and flexibility of free UNIX-like OSes really live, this book is among the best tools you'll find toward that end." --Chad Perrin, Writer, TechRepublic

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